wellness core puppy
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Health Large Breed Puppy Nutrition

Wellness Core is much more than your typical go-to-pet-food brand. In addition to offering a wide variety of healthful ingredients, the company has consistently ranked among the top three on independent consumer ratings of pet-care brands. It’s clear that this pet nutrition company truly offers a product that consumers have come to trust over the years. With this in mind, pet owners are encouraged to look beyond the basic ingredients and examine the complete package that Wellness Core offers.

Wellness Core Puppy

One of the most popular choices from Wellness Core, in fact, is their wellness core puppy formula. This ten-pound puppy original is guaranteed to give your canine companion the nutrition she needs to maintain a fit, healthy body. The ingredients in wellness core puppy include an assortment of vitamins and minerals, along with well-known pet nutrition essentials such as lean beef protein and chicken proteins. Plus, the mix is topped with a helping of a special blend of herbs and vegetables that pet owners know are essential to maintaining good health: alfalfa, sweet potato, carrots, celery, garlic, pumpkin, cabbage, and watercress.

In addition to the vitamins and minerals, the wellness core puppy formula also features a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as the popular marine amino acid. Taurine is considered a safe, natural ingredient, which means it can be included in a wide range of pet products without worry about possible side effects. A turbine is a form of urine, which is naturally found in raw meat. When an animal processes the meat, however, the amino acid becomes urine, which then diffuses into the surrounding tissues, providing numerous health benefits to the animal. In pets, taurine helps to reduce the incidence of dental problems, stimulate the immune system, and improve circulation. It also improves the efficiency with which body cells use oxygen, boosts energy levels and fights against bacteria and viruses.

One of the nutrients in wellness core pet formula that makes it stand out is omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is an excellent natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for cell membrane health and protein synthesis. Maintaining a healthy cell membrane and a healthy protein synthesis in the muscle tissue is necessary for your pet’s overall health. It is possible for you to obtain fish oil in its natural state at a local fish store, but this is not always convenient or cost-effective. You can, however, obtain omega-3 fatty acids from a quality wellness dog food by adding several key ingredients to the food, including taurine and omega-3 fatty acids.

Wellness Core Puppy Food

This health-free canned dog food contains a blend of vegetables and meats that will boost the immune system, making your pet feel more energetic and healthier. This health of large breed puppy food contains a blend of beef and chicken breast, along with other protein sources such as chicken meal and turkey. There is no artificial sweetener used in wellness core puppy food, nor are there any corn or soy products. The meat sources used in this food contain fresh, natural ingredients that are guaranteed to provide your puppy with superior quality nutrients and minerals. For years, pet owners have relied on human-grade dog foods to provide the optimum diet, but human food is not suitable for all breeds of dogs. In order to ensure that their pets receive an adequate diet, most pet owners choose to feed their dogs wellness core premium dog food.

The wet/dry dog food provided by wellness core contains only one-third of the amount of chicken protein as compared to dry dog kibble. This enables your puppy to gain sufficient amounts of necessary vitamins and minerals needed for proper growth and development. It has been proven that this small addition of chicken helps to curb the appetite of your puppy, while the vitamins and minerals found in the wellness core provide an overall boost to your puppy’s immune system and general well-being. Feeding your dog a steady diet of this high-quality nutritional formula will provide your puppy with the optimal amounts of nutrition needed to stay healthy and strong.