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First Health Insurance Finding Health Insurance – A Primer

Does First Health Insurance cover alcohol and drug rehab? The scope of coverage for behavioural health benefits such as substance abuse rehabilitation varies greatly depending on your personal insurance provider, your place of care, and several other factors. Let’s examine the basic facts surrounding this coverage, as well as some details that may impact the quality of care and are resulting in cost for you and your loved ones.

First Health Insurance

Most all major insurance plans cover at least some alcohol rehabilitation, but not all do. Some do not offer all forms of treatment, while others only cover a select few. You should be aware that any alcohol treatment center you see will bill you for the initial stay, even if it is not the best facility or you are not looking to go there for the long haul. Some plans do not cover rehab at all.

Does Every Insurance Plan Cover Rehab? Unfortunately, not every insurance plan covers all types of addiction treatment. Some only covers programs that are in-network. If your insurance provider does not cover in-network rehab facilities then you may have to find another provider, or you may want to choose a plan that covers at least some of the most popular rehab options.

Who is covered? About a third of American adults live without health insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. This includes one in seven Americans who are overweight, and almost half of American children. About a quarter of those living in America are considered to be obese, which puts them in the group of obese, or “unhealthy obese”.

What treatments is covered by First Health Insurance? The vast majority of First Health insurance plans cover inpatient treatment, both inpatient and outpatient. However, the plan does not cover coverage for at home care, or care at a licensed rehabilitation facility. In some cases, you will need to choose other coverage options, such as boarding or hospitalization. Be sure to ask specific questions about what services are covered for each plan you’re considering.

Will My Coverage Include Alcohol/Cancer Rehab? According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 27% of American adults experience some form of alcohol or drug abuse in their lives. An estimated 13% of those same adults experience a relapse within a year of treatment. This suggests that a portion of those individuals would benefit from First Health insurance plans that include coverage for substance abuse rehabilitation.

Will My Medical Care be Trusted? It’s been established that the majority of physicians performing in-patient care do not give superior medical care to uninsured patients. As a result, many uninsured individuals continue to suffer needlessly after receiving an inpatient treatment.

As a result of this, hospitals are forced to provide uncompensated care to these same individuals, often under the guise of emergency room visits or hospital privileges. Uninsured individuals should insist on obtaining full and accurate medical care coverage that guarantees them the timely delivery of every appropriate treatment.

How Much Does First Health Insurance Cover? One of the things that scares many potential consumers of health coverage is the fact that it doesn’t cover everything. Some of the most common services that are not addressed by Medicaid covers include extended hospital stays, critical care, dental care, and prescription drugs.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an average individual will spend approximately nine hundred dollars on out-of-pocket expenses during an illness or injury. Unfortunately, this amount could be dramatically reduced with appropriate First Health insurance coverage.

Can I Find Coverage that Meets My Needs? First health coverage can be purchased online directly from an insurance company or through a brokerage service. Although many people would prefer to purchase their coverage from an insurance agent or broker, online purchasing has many benefits. First, you can read all of the material you need to before you buy, without having to make any hasty decisions.

What Happens if I Cannot Afford First Health Insurance? The unfortunate truth is that you can end up being forced to use Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid when your primary medical condition has a substance abuse component to it. SSI is for substance abuse and is a program for non-medical assistance.

Medicaid is intended to cover the majority of the costs related to medical care related to illness or injury. Both of these programs will cover residential rehab facilities when a person is not able to maintain his or her standard of living due to a substance abuse problem.

Can Employers Provide Health Coverage? Yes, in the majority of the states. In fact, almost all employers are required by law to provide some form of health coverage to their employees. However, there are certain conditions where an employer-provided plan may not cover a specific condition.

A good example is if an employee is married and has one partner who is covered under their spouse’s policy. In this situation, the spouse would need to purchase a separate policy in order to have coverage for both.